Bi-Weekly Screenwriting Circle!

Philly Scriptwriters is excited to announce a new bi-weekly screenwriting circle for Philadelphia area writers!

Meetings will take place every other Monday evening starting Monday, November 23rd. Meetings will start at 7:00pm and run until roughly 8:30pm.

The screenwriting circle will take place at the Panera in Wynnewood (278 East Lancaster Avenue, Wynnewood, PA 19096), easily accessible by SEPTA public transportation (R5 train and 105 bus), and with free parking available for those who drive.

If you are interested, or have any questions, please feel free to contact Sarah Meiklejohn at

We look forward to seeing you there!

Join A Screenplay Review Circle: In-person or virtual

Hello!  Do you have a feature length script or enough of one that you
would like to get good feedback on?

Or are you starting to write screenplays but would like to learn about
writing them by reading local writers’ work and giving feedback.

Well, for the low low price of zero, you can join a script-review
circle composed of people who love scripts – writing or reading them.

If you are available to meet downtown (location not yet specified)

once every two weeks please contact Sarah at  sarahdmeiklejohn [at]

If  if’s difficult for you to travel or attend a regular meeting
contact Kathi at  kathidonegan [at]

Aug 9th – New Screenplay Review Group Starts Meeting

It will be at the Bards Pub at 7pm, Monday Aug 9th at 2013 Walnut St.

As of July 23 there’s still room

and you are invited:

If you’d like to read local writer’s screenplays and discuss them.
If you have a (partial or full manuscript and want generally good feedback for free!
If you’d like to learn mare about the craft of screenwriting.

If you’d like to join the group please write to

Call for Screenplay Judges

We are developing a process to to catalyze screenplay writers in Philadelphia and vicinity.

(Starting in January 2011) screenplay writers who enter screenplays to be judged may receive the opportunity to have their screenplay produced locally. Other benefits of entering may include written notes, coverage, a public reading.

An integral part of this process is screenplay judges that can see the potential in a screenplay as well as it’s faults, and who can give good constructive feedback.

Do you know a good screenplay from a bad one?
Have you written, edited, doctored, or covered a screenplays
or do you just read a lot of ’em?
Most importantly, can you give good feedback?

To apply as a judge please attach your resume to an email describing relevant experience to

for updated info please stay tuned to:

New Screenplay Writing Group Forming (And It’s Free!)

If you live in the Philadelphia area and you’d like to join in a small group (6-10 people) who will read each other’s screenplays and give feedback please send your email address to me (Mark) at

These script reading groups are one of the best free ways to develop your script-writing.

  • –Of course people can learn a lot by reading perfect and famous scripts.  But can also learn a lot by reading almost perfect scripts, half perfect scripts, and first drafts.
  • –In the last group we discussed the craft of screenwriting with other writers and received and gave encouragement and support.
  • –In the last group we heard a little bit about the industry from some of the members who were already trying to sell their scripts.
  • –By reading other scripts you can sometimes get new ideas for characters, plots, or whole screenplays.

So think about it!  Try your script out on other screenplay writers!

Seeking Screenplay Writing Teachers

Seeking Screenplay Writing Teachers in Philadelphia and vicinity.

I have a volunteer who is taking on the task of creating a table of
screenplay writing teachers in the area and putting it up at

So if you know of any teachers (or if you yourself ARE a teacher)
please send name and any contact info to:

Becky <>



First Meeting Philly Scriptwriters – Saturday Sept 26 from 1pm to 3pm


First Meeting of Philly Scriptwriters

Saturday, Sept. 26 from 1pm to 3pm

Please invite  other scriptwriters that you know.

The location is called the LAVA building, 4134 Lancaster Avenue.

It’s a building that houses a lot of progressive and activist groups.
The first floor has a library and meeting and screening space.


1.  Meet and greet (I will bring beverages, fruit, pretzels.)
2.  We will hand out copies of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) form.  Writers may want to ask people  to sign this form first before giving them a copy of their script.

3.   We  will discuss how we can work together, what people are most looking for,  and how we can implement it.

4.  Writers can form/reading writing groups
______a.  People with completed scripts (see below)
______b.  People who don’t have completed scripts  (see below)
______c.  whatever variation if a group of writers agrees to.

To keep updated about philly scriptwriters please join the google groups list-serv at


There was some discussion on the list-serv about kinds of groups that
people could break into to help each other with their writing.   Here
are two rough sketches.

People with completed (drafts of) scripts — who want to get feedback
can get into groups of five people.  Right now the expectation is that
folks who are ready will bring 4 scripts (or send them later). They
can discuss the particulars of how they want to operate. (for example,
meet back in 4 weeks to give notes or feedback).

People who don’t have completed scripts — and who want to meet
periodically to share their latest scenes or segments.  (This is about having
someone to write for and a deadline, to keep each other focused.)
They can form groups and decide the particulars (how often they want
to meet, where to meet, etc.

Getting Actors and Actresses To Read Your Lines

When: 7:00pm  May 19

Where: FilmTech School  / 2019 S. Juniper Street,  Philadelphia, PA 19148

At this meet-up we will have some volunteer actors and actresses read your script so you can hear and “feel” the action you wrote. This will add to bringing your story to life and, hopefully, answer any questions about how your story was presented and moved along.

Contact for more information Mike Kearney

Filmmakers Salon

What: Philadelphia Filmmakers Salon

When: May 31, 2009 7:00 PM

Where:  2019 S. Juniper St. in South Philadelphia.

Meetup Description: Philadelphia Filmmakers Salon

If you’re a filmmaker, screenwriter or actor and want to meet, connect and socialize with others, this is the place for you. This monthly event gives you the opportunity to see what projects members of the local film community are working on and gather in a casual setting. You can also bring a work in progress to screen and get feedback from your peers (DVD or VHS format only, please), or have a reading of pages of your script-in-progress.

There is no charge to attend, but please RSVP so we know how many to expect.

Date: Sunday, May 31.
Time: 7-10PM
Location: The Studio at Filmtech school, 2019 S. Juniper St. in South Philadelphia.
Phone: 215-313-0123
Contact: Dominick DeFino
There is no cost to attend. Free refreshments will be provided.

PDC Writer’s Circle

Just one of the many programs of the Philadelphia Dramatists Center (PDC), the Writers Circle reads and provides feedback on 10-15 pages of a member’s  play*, as time permits. Actors are chosen from those present. Bring enough copies for each character plus one for stage directions. Or just come and observe.

*Note: the focus for this group is on stage plays not screenplays.

Cost:  Free

 Location: CEC (Community Educational Center), Ground Floor

Address: 3500 Lancaster Ave, Philadelphia

If you have any questions about this event, please contact Walt at: